WDC Ltd World Competitive Dance Commissions


The General Council, at their 2005 annual meeting, accepted the concept presented by Svein Røtvold for the creation of Commissions within the WDC Ltd.



Since this meeting two Commissions were established for Coaches/Trainers, Competitors. and  recentlyb organisers. These three Commissions intigrated themselves into the daily routine of the WCDC.



The contribution from the Coaches/Trainers Commission has been unanimously accepted and appreciated by the Delegates at meetings of the WCDC.


The Competitors Commission continues to operate with valid input to the meetings of the WCDC and CDEB.

Click here to see the Managment Committee of the Competitors Commission and their contact details.


Details, information and who's who in the Coaches/Trainers Commission can be found by clicking on the Commission in the Menu.