Mission statement WDC&AL Educational Department

Our mission is to inspire, stimulate and promote excellence in education for the World Dance Council and Amateur League (WDC and AL) community by:



-Development and identification of educational and learning styles and methods through training, resources, input and advocacy

-Cultivation of a desire to learn, to generate new knowledge, be challenged and appreciate diversity

-Continued commitment to development, pioneering and appreciation of multiple learning environments and perspectives

-Continued commitment to the appointment of highly educated and trained interdisciplinary professionals who train effectively and passionately within a broad based, collaborative environment

-Providing exceptional learning resources that are enhanced by the use of technology, internet resources and global support

-Dedication to the preservation of existing knowledge and archival material

-Challenging members through innovation in education to stretch beyond their current levels of knowledge and training to become an integral part of the WDC and AL community

-Design, development and implementation of programmes to meet the professional development needs of educators, coaches, adjudicators and dancers within the WDC and AL

-Working together to create and maintain an academic, physical, emotional, social and safe environment where each can learn and respect one another

Vibeke Toft